What Our Clients Say

This is whay I do what I do. No more needs to be said.

After watching one of  his shows......

After watching Drew at one of his shows - I took one of hisbusiness cards home - as I thought he might be able to help “reset” me withhypnotism.

After a traumatic few years, I needed some help to find me againand believe “I can”. I thought I may have been In the “too hard” basket foranyone to help me. I had leant on alcohol to numb my pain, and smokingcigarettes also became a partner in this.

I had also put on weight that I hadworked hard to get off only 12 months prior. I didn’t think anything would help- because to get help on ALL three of these things seemed impossible as theywere all intertwined. I was on a hamster wheel that I couldn’t seem to get off.

When I reached out to Drew, he was reassuring that my issueswere real - but also he didn’t judge and said he could help. I needed to beopen and honest with what I was wanting from him - and he gave me that safespace. He told me up front that I would need probably a couple ofsessions. and this was just the start of something to embrace and move forward.I was sceptical but also willing to try.Drew was amazing. He was reassuring, he was gentle, he was kind.

After my session, I honestly felt like I had been hit by a busand run over by a steam roller. but it was the first time that I had relaxedfor the first time in years. I was tired, but I eerily felt good.. it was weirdto describe.. Drew told me not to overthink things and just let the work thathe had done - DO ITS JOB.

Drew checked on me the next day. Not expecting that at all. Ihad woken up refreshed. I had felt a change. I still reached for the morning cigarettewith my coffee - but I didn’t need it. I said to myself - you don’t need this.This remained for the whole day. I reached for a wine that night - again I said- you don’t need this. Today it has been 12 days since I saw Drew. I have been alcoholfree, because I don’t need this. I still tell myself that everyday. I am smoking 3 cigarettes a day - because I’m still trying tofight this one - and I will go back and see him again.

Drew was open and honest with me right from the beginning thatgiving up smoking will need more sessions. But 3 cigarettes a day now comparedto a packet of 20 a day is a much improvement - and I’m looking forward toseeing him again and getting that figure down to 0. I’ve also lost 6kg in thelast 12 days. Because once again I’m saying - I don’t need to eat these kindsof unhealthy foods. For the first time in over 2 years - I believe in me and “I can”do this thing called life and get off that hamster wheel that had me stuck inan unhealthy way of coping with trauma. It is never too late to reach out and seek help. The better youis there - Drew helped me find it. you just need to seek out that extra helpand do it.

Drew truely has a gift and I recommend him and his hypnotisttherapy. I look forward to my future for the first time in years. I CANDO THIS. And I know the next session with him will make even more changes tothe next healthier chapter of my life.Please let Drew help you DO THIS TOO.