About Us

Drew Glebow

  • Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Timeline Therapy ® and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Tad James)
  • Coach and qualified trainer in Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy ® and Nero Linguistic Programming  · Reiki Practitioner 
  • Trainer in sound healing and ice exposure with breathwork  

Since commencing in the wellness industry Drew Glebow has been working with clients who have been affected by trauma or illness and who have been suffering ongoing issues as a result, despite, trying other mainstream treatments.  Some of the issues he has been working on with his clients, include, but are not limited to; chronic back pain, phobias, stress, anxiety, fear, smoking habits, addictions, sexual disfunction.  

Drew works with clients individually and in group sessions using hypnosis and other passive therapies.  

Drew has had an interest in health and wellness for many years as he experienced his own trauma and challenges through childhood and whilst serving in the military and overseas deployment. He has come a long way since those days and worked hard at understanding the originations of his trauma, illnesses, and the very things that kept holding him back from being the healthiest and most successful version of himself, he is now free of pharmaceutical drugs and complex PTSD.   

Drew has a great passion for his work and believes in the connection of the Mind, Body & Spirit as each area is interconnected. 

Drew’s teachings are raw and have been backed by science, and social studies.  

Drew is a family man with two beautiful daughters, a loving partner, and one adorable Labrador named Leon. And excitably he has his first published book coming out soon this year 2022.